Here we'll post what's new and what will be coming so you always know what the next step is and what the previous one was!

What's New?

Event Description Date
CSS fixes! There were a few css issues I fixed such as lengthy a tags, widths not sizing properly in large screens etc. 05/08/23
Changes made. There were a lot of empty spaces in spots we are trying to fill with others' content, if you're interested in having your game streams shared or your music, please use the appropriate forms given on those pages! 05/08/23
Logo Change! RJLYSS updated his logo, What do you think? 05/08/23
Update! updated functionality and started looking for more content to fill emptiness. 01/23/23
Update! Updated the font to something more interesting and fixed some SEO issues. 09/23/22
Changed this table I realized that this table was a little too flashy and needed some relevant content. You're welcome :) 09/16/22
Ad for website released I released an ad on face-book to try to encourage more visitors, please aid us by sharing our new family site! 09/16/22
RJLYSS's Website Launched We officially launched the Pillar of Mysteries website where everyone can connect in one place and interact with fun content! 09/14/22
Song Released Love Is Blind was released in stores! 07/15/22

What's Coming?

Event Description Date
Music Coming Synthwave FlowWill be released 06/23/23!! 05/08/23
Music Coming Synthwave FlowIs in final stages of production! Expect it soon 09/17/22
Music Coming Got an EDM/Orchestral piece I'm working on, sounds great so far. 09/15/22
Music Coming Working on an old popular song that never got finished, can't wait to show you! 09/12/22